Legs & Feet

The legs and feet are the building blocks and the basis of dance performance. The quality of dancing can be recognized immediately by the footwork. Ultimately every dance result is based on perfectly working legs and feet connected to the body actions.

My goal was to form fundamental principles for dancers of any level to help them improve their skills. The new concept was worked out to exercise legs and feet strength and flexibility. The work of the supporting leg and design of the free leg is possible to execute with completely new feeling.

The MOVEMENT EVOLUTION: Legs & Feet gives a dancer an opportunity to feel connections in his or her own body in a new way. As a result I offer a basis that can be applied to every dance. The focus is on: 

  • legs and feet strength and flexibility
  • work of the supporting leg and foot
  • free leg and foot design
  • connection of the legs and feet to the upper body

In the 4 sessions of my MOVEMENT EVOLUTION: Legs & Feet the relation of our entire body actions and footwork is explained and can become ideal fundamentals for dance.

Dates: The 4 Zoom sessions of the course are scheduled on Weekends: 13th & 14th and 20th & 21st February 2021 at 12h CET on each day.

Note: With the purchase of the ticket you will get the access to video recording of all sessions even if you miss a session.